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Today I am going to introduce you to an amazing contemporary artist, Carla Sonheim. She is a Seattle based artist who uses fun approaches to open up the creativity in individuals. She is also the author of Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun.

She has a tutorial to show you how to make abstract pieces of art using nail polish and water. To see the tutorial click here. I followed her instructions to make my own this morning.

Start with a disposable container for water big enough to hold pieces of watercolour paper. You can use any kind and colour of nail polish. I used a piece of tinfoil to make clean up easier and be sure to do this in a room with an open window or even better yet outside.

Lightly touch the nail polish brush to the surface of the water with a few colours of nail polish. The results are unpredictable and very fun to experiment with layering the surface and pulling the colours to achieve different results.

Lay the piece of paper over the surface of the water and push it down to make sure the nail polish adheres to it.

Flip the paper over and there you go! It will take about half an hour for each piece to fully dry. Experiment with colours and layering.

I hope you try your own nail polish art, if you do send us a picture at Follow along on our sparking creativity every day in May on Facebook and Instagram.